Daily menu

Delicious lunch in the center of Zilina city

We always prepare the daily menu at the Dubná Skala Restaurant with an emphasis on the variety of food choices and first-class ingredients. Lunch is also regularly included, using non-traditional supplements, such as a piece, bulgur, quinoa, bataty. If you want more health and fiber, you can request a free replacement of the salad for vegetable salad when ordering. This combination with salad is especially popular with meat and fried foods. After a delicious lunch, you can have a sweet dessert of the week with a fine Italian espresso Danesi.

You can always find the current offer on our website, Facebook, Instagram and specialized lunch portals menučka.sk and restaurace.sme.sk. The daily menu is served every working day between 11:00 and 14:00. Again, during the weekends and holidays, you can enjoy something delicious from the A la carte menu.


Lunch menu includes soup, bread / pastry, main course, water jug. As a bonus pleasant air-conditioned rooms, free WiFi and parking directly at the hotel. We will also be happy to pack lunch with you, and we charge a pack of 40 cents (packaging for the soup, packaging for the main course, paper bag).

Menu Classic

Traditional recipes kitchen, in both classic and modern styles.

Price 8,90 €

Menu Light

Healthy menu for active lifestyle.

Price 8,90 €

Menu Business

The chef's specialty, also suitable for meetings with business partners.

Price 9,90 €