in the privacy of the hotel

Take advantage of the privacy of your hotel room in your home office, where you can work undisturbed without family. A pleasant and safe environment outside the office will help you focus fully on your business. Reservations are requested at least one day in advance at the hotel reception 041/507 91 00 or by e-mail.


Home-office in the hotel

rent a hotel room, between 8am and 8pm

parking directly at the hotel at all times

1 x Danesi espresso, unlimited drinking regime (water jug)

business services, WiFi, possibility of printing

invoicing to the company is a matter of course

Price: 30 € / 1 day / 1 person
Bonus: for a five-day home-office massage free of charge


The standard equipment of our rooms and apartments includes a work desk, comfortable relaxation area, safe, minibar, WiFi, TV, bathroom and air conditioning. For your maximum comfort in a private office, we offer you the opportunity to order additional services.


Additional services

breakfast, lunch menu, snack and drinks at discounted prices

reflexology massage of the neck or feet directly in the room

the possibility of your pet staying with you (dog, cat)



We respect all measures of ÚVZ SR and follow the restrictions that result from them. We are ready to offer you safe and quality services and do everything for your comfort. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your visit.