Luxury wedding

in the city of Žilina

Experience one of the most beautiful days of your life exactly as you have dreamt of it. The experience of exceptional tastes and unusual aromas is best enjoyed in the romantic premises of Hotel Dubná Skala**** Žilina. Our professional team knows exactly how to organise a wedding banquet with the four-star glitter so that at the end of your “D” day you can say: “This was our most beautiful day in life”.


Our intention is to organise each wedding banquet in an original way. That is why we have prepared for you an unconventional wedding banquet offer – you do not have to stick to “usual” packages. You can arrange a wedding banquet according to your expectations. Moreover, you will save money. Take the advantage of our discounted rates, bonuses and experience.


 The price for a wedding banquet at Hotel Dubná Skala****  includes:

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 Contact us | +421 911 606 112, we will be happy to prepare a special offer for you.

 Wedding banquet premises