Tip of the season

Menu before Easter

Seasonal delicacies are served from Monday, January 13 to Tuesday, February 25, 2020, also on weekends and public holidays. We are looking forward to you!



Beef tar-tar with shallot confit, chickpea puree and bread1,3,7 (80 g)
3,80 €


Mushroom cappuccino with bacon powder and tramezzin chips1,3,7 (0,25 l)
4,80 €

Main course

Juicy lamb cutlet with almond-beetroot crust and potato strudel with demi glace1,3,7,8 (200 g) 
24,80 €

Main course

Tartalet with chestnut macsarpone cream and raspberry coulis1,3,7 (100 g) 
3,80 €


Complete menu 28 €.