General terms and conditions


I.                 Involved parties

1.      Parties involved in the contractual relationship concerning providing accommodation and other services are:

a)      User, DOXX RESTAURANT, s. r. o., with residency on address Kálov 356, 010 01 Žilina, ID: 31 579 060, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the County Court in Žilina, Section Sro, Insert 930/L (place of business Hotel Dubná Skala**** Hurbanova345/8, 010 01 Žilina)(hereinafter reffered to as „hotel“

b)      Other party, the clients, who may be:

·         Natural person: an individual, groups

·         Legal entity: companies, travel agencies, internet agents (hereinafter reffered to as „client“)

2.      The general terms and conditions of accommodation in hotel (hereinafter reffered to as „GTC“) are a part of every contract and order (hereinafter reffered to as contract) of each client. The subject of contract is obligation of hotel to provide accommodation services as well as obligation of client to pay the agreed price for the provided services.

3.      Order of the services may be placed in person at the hotel reception, by telephone, in writing or through internet on The order (reservation) has to be confirmed by hotel, either in writing or through the internet, including by livechatoo.


II.            Services and form of its arrangement

1.      Hotel arranges accommodation, restaurant, conference, relaxation, and additional services, which are provided for requital.

2.      Hotel provides the services in range that is set by the valid pricelist. Client is obliged to pay the price set in written order (reservation) confirmation for provided services.


III.   Establishment of legal ties concerning client’s stay

1.      Legal relationship between hotel and client is established on base of:

a)      Order placed by client directly or through intermediary

b)      Specific contract, which must be signed (travel agencies, group stays, corporate agreements)

2. By signing the contract, hotel obliges to ensure delivery of services in agreed extent and quality. At the same time, hotel has right to be paid 100 % of price for the stay.


IV. Accommodation services – individual orders

1.      Contract takes effect at the moment when hotel confirmes order (reservation) to client.

2.      If client is interested in guaranteed reservation, hotel is authorised to demand pre-payment in that is equal to accommodation price for 1 night. Reservation is considered as guaranteed by the hotel from the moment of the payment.

3.      Reserved rooms are ready for client´s disposal after 14:00 on the agreed day of arrival. Client has no right for getting the room ready before this time, unless agreed differently.

4.      Price which hotel and client agree on is set in order (reservation) confirmation. If not agreed differently, rates stated at the website/reception apply. Client is obliged to pay agreed price for services.

5.      Price may be changed by hotel if client wishes to make alternations, such as changing the number of reserved rooms, other services of the hotel or length of their stay, and when hotel agrees with these alterations.

6.      By making reservation, client agrees with following cancellation policy:

·         In case hotel is informed about cancellation at least 48 hours before the planned arrival, no cancellation fee will be charged.

·         In case reservation is cancelled 24 hours before arrival, client is obliged to pay 50 % of the accommodation price for 1 night.

·         In case reservation is cancelled on the day of planned arrival after 11:00, or without informing the hotel, client is obliged to pay 100 % of the accommodation price for 1 night. Reservation for the rest of the nights will be cancelled.

7.      The rooms must be vacated on the day of departure at 11:00 latest, if not agreed differently in advance. In case of late check-out until 14:00, hotel may charge client with fee equal to 50 % of price for 1 night. In case of late check-out after 14:00, hotel may charge client with fee equal to 100 % of price for 1 night.

V. Accommodation service – group orders

1. Group is considered to be at least 6 people who place an order (reservation) for accommodation together, with the same date of arrival and departure.

2. The contract takes effect when hotel confirms order (reservation)

3. Payment and cancellation policy for groups:

a)  It is needed to pay 100 % of deposit 5 days before planned consumption of services at the latest. The rest of the payment is charged directly in hotel. It is possible to pay by cash or by credit card.

b) The cancellation fee depends on when the cancellation is requested:

·         30 - 10 days before the planned arrival: 30 % of the price for services that are not to be carried out

·         9 – 3 days before the planned arrival: 50 % of the price for services that are not to be carried out

·         Up to 48 hours before the planned arrival: 100 % of the price for services that are not to be carried out


VI. Other regulations

1.      Hotel is responsible for damages on items carried in or put off , that are carried in by or for accommodated clients, unless the damage is caused differently. Carried in items are those which are brought into premises designated for accommodation or storage, or are handed in to any hotel employee for this purpose.

2.      Hotel is obliged to allow storing of jewerelly, money and other valuables of the guests in hotel safe, which is located at the reception. If the client does not put their valueables into the hotel safe at reception, hotel is responsible for the damage only to limited extent. Hotel takes responsibility for jewerelly, money and other valuables only up to 332,- EUR.

3.      The right for compensation of damage expires if not applied for at the hotel 15 days after the guest finds out about damage, at the latest. The day of finding out about the damage must not be later than last day of the stay in the hotel.

4.      Stay of the client is further regulated by Accommodation rules of Hotel Dubná Skala****, which is binding for the clients.

5.      If the client provides the hotel with their credit card details, including its number, they agree with hotel using the credit card. Zhe hotel is authorised to use this card for satisfaction of financial claims towards the client, such as payment of agreed price for provided service, cancellation fees, and compensation of damages.

6.      Hotel is obliged to use personal information on legal basis in accordance with law nr. 18/2018 article 6 section 1b (contract fullfilment), 1c (legal obligation fullfillment), 1f (authorised interest). The personal information processing policy is available at hotel website

7.      Hotel is in right to charge 5 € for loss of hotel card.


VII. Final regulations

1.      GTC and legal ties established on them are in accordance with Slovak legal order.

2.      The involved parties agreed that in case client does not have residency in Slovak republic, in case of legal dispute, it will be carried out by County Court in Žilina.

3.      GTC is also appliable after termination of legal ties between client and hotel, until total settleent of their mutual claims.

4.      By ordering of accommodation or other services, cancellation or checking in the hotel, the client confirmes they are acquainted with GTC and agrees with them.

5.      Hotel is in right to change GTC.

6.      As of the day of efficiency of GTC, the general terms and condititions efficient since 25.06.2013 are not in effect anymore.

7.      GTC come into efficiency on 25.05.2018.