Happy Hour

Daily from 4pm - 7pm

In a pleasant early evening, we invite you to a 1 + 1 event for selected drinks. Refresh your meetiings after work with colleagues, friends, family and take advantage of a special offer of our fresh drinks during Happy Hour.



sparkling wine, Chest cream | € 3.30 | 0.15 l

The famous French cocktail Kir Royal is a variant of the mixed drink Kir, named after the priest, war hero and mayor of Dijon, canon Félix Kir. In the original variant, the black-currant liqueur Crème de Cassis was combined with the white Burgundy wine Aligoté, later a royal version appeared, in which the wine is replaced by sparkling wine.


vodka, Kahlua, Danesi espresso | € 5.50 | 0.10 l

It is a relatively modern cocktail, the London barman Bradsell first mixed it in 1983. Despite his name, however, he only has a cup with Martini in which it is served.


Aperol, sparkling wine, mineral water, orange, ice | € 5.00 | 0.25 l

The basis of the refreshing drink is Prosecco and spicy bitter Aperol, which has been produced in Italy since 1919. It has a deep orange-red color, low alcohol content and a fruity, slightly bitter taste.


elderberry syrup, mineral water, sparkling wine, mint, ice | € 4.60 | 0.25 l

The aromatic and refreshing Hugo cocktail comes from the Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige. It soon gained popularity throughout Italy and beyond.


Danesi coffee, cane sugar, milk, ice | € 2.90 | 0.20 l


mint - lemon, cucumber, melon, orange | € 3.80 | 0.25 l


Our stylish café with a bar, a library, a selection of printed matter and a cigar menu is open from 07:00 during the working week, and from 8:00 on weekends. Of course, you can also treat yourself to a tasty snack or dessert with your favorite drink.